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This is sniclo official store.

Let me introduce myself. 

In 2021, we began to produce FPV cars, including Q33, Q25-240Z, Q25-R27, Q25-2000GT, Q25-jeep and other series. Now we have developed the first FPV car.And the first 1:64 SUV to be mass-produced.

There are no products that can compete with us in the market, including wifi cars and drift cars in the this years, which will be arranged for sale. We are trying our best to open the market of small cars, so we also hope to cooperate with you.

If you want to learn more about our products, you can search for FPVCAR/SNTCAR/Q25CAR on TIK TOK/INS/FACE/YOUTUBE.


INS/TIK TOK/Youtube:Sniclo_Snt_Official